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Full Name: mark Get Full Name Search Date: 04/19/14 Search Time: 5:01 pm
Phone Type: mark Get Phone Type Area: New York City Zone 01 State: NY
Number: (646)481-8265 Tracking ID: a1397926879 Latest Report: April 2014

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Have you been disrupted by a prank call, scammer, or telemarkerer. It is important to file a complaint on (646)481-8265 . Add a complaint if you feel that you have been victimized by (646)481-8265 and would like to let the public know that you do not want to be bothered again. Help prevent the spread of call harrasment by (646)481-8265.

This number sent me a txt saying he was interested n my item posted on Craigslist too. Then changed his mind. Then asked me to hold the item for an extra $50. His txt was strangely worded as if his English wasn't his primary language. Glad to c the previous complaints. I know not to take his seriously. Thanks!

Just got a message from this same person, wanting to buy something from my craigslist ad. I get this all the time, however this one pisses me off. He actually said he has to go to the hospital to sign for his kid to have surgery and give blood and would I hold it for an extra $20.... Really you have to ad a kid into the mixture?? I usually say why don't I just give you my social security number and banking info to save you time. LOL

Published 11 months ago

Scammer acting as though he is interested in stuff we were selling on Craigslist. I asked him repeatedly to stop texting me and to call me instead and he just kept asking me for my name and address so he could send a check. Not falling for it and I hope this helps someone else not fall for it. Let's stop these guys in their tracks

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